A Morning at the Market


A Morning at the Market: Background

On Sunday, April 24th, I made a trip to the Farmers’ Market in Dupont. I left early in the morning, around 8:30 a.m. (which is early for most college students), to head to the market. I wanted to arrive early, not only because the market closed at one o’clock, but also because I wanted the bright and natural sunlight to be a part of my photographs. Luckily, it did not rain that day like the weather had predicted. Upon arriving at the market, my plan was to capture the beauty and freshness of the produce being sold. As I slowly walked through the market, I took in all the scenery; there seemed to be an endless amount of produce. There were wooden boxes filled with apples, tables piled high with bundles of asparagus and various greens, buckets full of ice to keep milk and yogurt cool, stands of bread, croissants, and other French-sounding pastries, fresh flowers sitting in the sunlight, and so much more. And not only did the fresh produce, such as the asparagus and apples, catch my eye, but all the farmers and the people visiting the market caught my attention as well. It was fun to watch the customers interact with the farmers while they bought their produce.

            I continued walking around the market, taking numerous photographs of the fresh produce. In the end, I believe I took over three hundred images. It was extremely hard to choose just seven of those images for my photo essay, but I believe the photographs I ended up choosing are extremely strong and cohesive. First, I wanted to include an establishing shot for my essay, which is why I decided to photograph the main sign of the farmers’ market. Then, after walking around for a while, I knew I definitely wanted to include photographs of the apples and asparagus in my essay, not only because they looked fresh, but also because they were in season. I also took photographs of the tomatoes and herbs; I included pictures of these in my essay because of their bright colors.

Since I took so many photographs of produce, I made sure to use various angles so that there would not be any repetition in my essay. I also decided to incorporate a couple of images in my essay that included people. The people, however, are not the main subjects in these photographs. I wanted to show the produce in the foreground, and then have the customers in the background; this allows the viewer of my essay to see a better view of the market because even though the produce is extremely important in the market, the customers are an integral part of it as well.

            To take my photographs at the farmers’ market I used my Sony Cyber-shot. And my total time spent at the market was somewhere near three hours. Of course, I was not photographing every minute of this time; I actually did buy some of the produce at the market. The produce of the market looked too good to resist, much better than anything found at the Terrace Dining Room. So on a break from my photography, I bought some apples (the ones shown in my essay actually), a croissant, and a loaf of bread. It was extremely pleasing to meet the people who were supplying me with my food. I talked with the farmer at the apple stand for a while, and asked her if it would be all right if I took photographs of her produce.

            Overall, my photo essay went extremely well. Not only did I experience the beauty and liveliness of the farmers’ market in Dupont, but I was able to capture it and form it into a photo essay as well. I hope that my essay shows that food does not have to be this abstract entity that we obtain from a cafeteria or out of a box, but rather that we really can be more involved with our food. By going to farmers’ markets and buying food, we see not only the freshness and seasonality of food, but we also see where, and whom, that food is coming from. For me, it is very powerful to know where my food comes from. And I have found that the best place to find out the sources of my food is the farmers’ market.



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9 responses to “A Morning at the Market

  1. Your photo essay is really beautiful. I like how you chose to capture a sign as your first shot because it introduces the viewer to what he or she is about to see. I also think the shots of all the vegetables and flowers are really great. You framed them beautifully and you chose a really good time to shoot because the sunlight is perfect in these photographs. I like how you chose to shoot your subjects very close up and show the small details in them. The only thing I would add to your project is a different final photograph. It needs more closure to the story. Captions are missing as well. The viewer can sense a general theme but there isn’t any kind of story. otherwise, the photographs are beautiful and you did a wonderful job.

    Sammy Stratton

  2. Okay, so I’m really hungry and this isn’t helping!! Seriously though, this was a great photo essay. I really liked how you conveyed the market. I almost wish you got one wide shot of as much of it as possible to see the activity. You got some of that in one image, but I wish you had taken a step further than that. However, I think you really captured this well. The color really came out in these pictures. I feel like there could have been a little more editing, but that’s just my preference. Overall, good work!!!

  3. im totally not in your group but im totally lurking because you commented on mine and OMG your photos are amazing. the color is great and compositionally they are beautiful. great work!

  4. Your images are excellent in their diversity. You got a lot of close ups (and notably, all of the photos include some food close to the lens). But some of the images also show people in the background and some of them (like your first one) show a sign to give us a little context. I’m glad. I think those establishing shots really make the food shots all the more enjoyable.

    My favorites are the tomatoes the mustard and the apples.

  5. Pictures of food can be very boring to the audience, but the different angles you used makes each picture look exciting and interesting. In your photo essay the quality of the pictures that you chose are great, but I think i would of like to see more pictures of what made the Dupont Farmer’s Market unique. The photographs here could of been taken anywhere and I think that an establishing shot or perhaps photographs of people with food really would be beneficial. Also, The 7th picture is off flowers and does not have to do much with the theme of food that you used for the rest of the pictures. perhaps you could of taken a photograph of the tents and used a long shot or medium shot for your last picture.However, your pictures are beautiful and the way in which you executed the photographs through perspective and lighting was great.
    Good Job! -Zach Morrice

  6. Emma Noftz

    Who doesn’t love yummy fruits and veggies!? Great theme idea for your photo essay. I liked the orienting aspect of the first photo you included that allowed us to differentiate this collection from any other and to better grasp the feeling of the place you took these pictures in. I also liked the angle of your first photo and think that it allowed the subject to be the concentration of the image but to do so with a twist. All of your images of fruits and vegetables expertly utilized the lighting to capture the reflection of the sun, especially in the example of your image of the glistening tomatoes, and also to create shadows from surrounding objects or the fruit and vegetables themselves. I really like in the image of the mustard how you really focused on the mustard and used that to distinguish between the foreground that is the mustard and the background that is the rest of the farmer’s market.

    Overall, fantastic job and I hope you keep up your photography and your visits to the farmer’s markets!

  7. The colors are just captivating, especially the one involving the tomatoes. At first, I thought this images were interesting just because of the color, but then as I looked closer I realized it might have more to do with the angles you took with your camera. Great job on that account. Also, how the light hits the produce makes it more appealing to the eye (honestly, I got a tad bit hungry looking at your photos). I especially like how your first picture was a farmer’s market sign because that is a great introduction to your entire photo essay. Wonderful Job!!

  8. This is great! I love how you captured different fruit considering that they naturally have a contrast of color. That, with the lighting had me sold. I also really like the fact that you started with the sign, if you did not do that,, I would not have known what you were trying to highlight. Great job!

  9. Great job on your essay, the market looks really cool! You have excellent photography skills since all of your pictures were clear and focused. I liked all of the color involved in your essay as well. I feel like you kept a good order in the pictures in your essay since you started off with the beginning of the farmer’s market, follow it with foods, and end it with some flowers. You show great examples of color in your elements of design and the feeling of liveliness and energy comes to mind when I look through your essay. This essay makes me very hungry, and I cannot see any errors in the way this essay was done. Great job!

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