Final Project Ideas

Three Ideas for My Final (Photography) Project:

1. My first idea is to go to the Farmers’ Market (in Dupont) and capture the liveliness of the people in a photojournalism style. I would want to capture not only the beauty of the fresh fruits and vegetables, but also the interactions between the farmers and customers. In my opinion, those interactions are very important because they are directly connecting people to their food sources; this is something I really want to capture on film.

2. My second idea is to do a subject photo essay on my sorority sisters. I think it would be beautiful to capture several images of my sisters (in black and white) that would portray the individuals they are, their energy and liveliness, as well as the bonds they share with each other.

3. Even though we were only supposed to have two ideas, I thought of a third that I would be really interested in. I would like to make a photo essay dedicated to a vegan meal; I would capture the journey from grocery store to plate (of a vegan meal), something that is often difficult, which would include the various steps that occurred in selecting the food and preparing it.


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