Film: A New Life for a Balloon

The story begins with a lonely balloon, moseying around inside a college building. The balloon is desperately searching for a friend because it no longer wants to be alone. It sees some people in the building, but none of them seem friendly. Suddenly, the balloon is found and “adopted” by a sweet little girl with pigtails. The balloon becomes a toy for the girl, and also a companion. The balloon is truly happy to have been “adopted” and to be going on adventures with the girl in the building. The balloon becomes very attached to the little girl and stays tied to her arm at all times; they become close friends and do everything together. The girl skips outside with the balloon, leaving the building, and suddenly a gust of wind takes the balloon from the girl’s arm. The balloon is saddened for a while at the idea of leaving the girl, and the girl is saddened as well. The girl stands in silence for a moment, thinking about the friend she lost. It does not take her long, however, to find a new toy to occupy herself with. The separation has a greater affect on the balloon, however. After being separated from the girl, the balloon looks around at the large college campus, unsure what to do at first. It does not know how to be apart from its friend. But then the balloon realizes that it is now a free bird able to drift away as it pleases. Furthermore, the balloon is drifting to new adventures, new sights, and a new life. It is seeing the world for the first time alone, and this is a liberating act for the balloon. After having all of these experiences, the balloon realizes that something is still missing: a companion, a friend. As the balloon is floating, it finds a second balloon (of a different color) sitting on the steps of a new building. They become best friends, and float off into the sky in companionship. This short story portrays the idea of renewal and independence, for the balloon had renewed itself and found happiness in its independence, and found a life companion after first finding itself.


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