Lumiere Manifesto Critique

In one way, I definitely agree with the Lumiere Manifesto. I agree with it because it promotes filmmaking that realistically portrays life, without being edited. Lumiere films seem to be very simple and it is very believable that the events that happen in them are real. I appreciate the fact that Lumiere films are more objective and truthful because most films nowadays, especially those popular in Hollywood, are anything but real. I also agree with the Lumiere Manifesto’s belief that beauty is universal. Beauty really can be found in the simplest things, which is something most people forget. It is sometimes nice to just watch a Lumiere film and see the world as it is and its natural beauty, instead of getting caught up in the fantasy worlds that Hollywood creates.

Although I believe that Lumiere films deserve respect, I also believe that there are many aspects of Lumiere filmmaking that are difficult to carry through. One belief of the Lumiere Manifesto is that assembled scenes and scripted actions are unacceptable; it is something that is not done in Lumiere filmmaking. While it may be true that most Lumiere filmmakers follow this belief, it would be extremely difficult to do so one hundred percent of the time. If people are being filmed, and they know they are being filmed, they are naturally going to act in a more scripted and censored manner. Capturing the natural state of humans is probably one of the greatest challenges of Lumiere filming. So even though they claim to never assemble scenes or create dialogues, Lumiere filmmakers may have to give their subjects a little direction sometimes so that they come off in a natural manner.

Even though it may be difficult to successfully create a Lumiere film, I still believe it is possible and worthwhile. I do not, however, believe that Lumiere films are the most important types of films. Although they do portray the beauty of the world, they can be, like other articles mentioned, quite dull. And this is simply because they do portray real life. Nowadays with all the technological advances and special affects, movies can be made into something that is much more elaborate than Lumiere films. These more elaborate films provide us with a brief escape from our lives, from the normality and dullness that sometimes occurs in real life.

It seems that Lumiere filmmakers are attempting to discredit the types of movies that are popular in Hollywood at the moment. I don’t believe that we should only be watching Hollywood movies, for perhaps we might go insane, but rather we should watch a mixture of Lumiere-type films and “Hollywood-type” films. And while watching those two types of films it is important to remember what is real and what is not, so that the “fantasy-like” quality of the Hollywood films will be admired for their fantasies and not for their links (or lacks of links) to reality. Elaborate movies really allow people to use their imaginations to create something that is truly unique; they really are not made to portray real life. Lumiere films, on the other hand, are important in that they do depict real, simple life. Overall, movies hold great importance, whether they are displaying everyday life or entertaining audiences with wild fantasies.

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