Photography Critique: Scott Stulberg

It was extremely hard to choose my favorite photographer, as I love way too many photographers and types of photography. After perusing numerous photography websites, however, I fell in love with the photography of Scott Stulberg, who was one of the recommended photographers to look at on Blackboard. Scott is mainly a stock photographer, as well as a teacher, and has photographs represented by Corbis and Getty Images, just to name a few places.  Scott was born in Los Angeles, California, and his love for photography began when his father bought him his first camera at the age of ten. Scott now takes photographs from all over the world, including from Burma, India, Europe, and Africa. He describes himself as being a very creative person, and that stock photography gives him great pleasure.

Scott’s photography is extremely beautiful and diverse since he is able to travel all around the world. His photos focus on natural landscapes, animals, cities, and human beings. His images are very crisp and clear and they truly depict the beauty of this world. I love his photography because when I look at it I feel as if I am there. His images do not seem to be extremely edited, which is an aspect of his photography I really like. Scott’s photography is so powerful and breathtaking because of the way he uses depth, composition, and lighting. It is very apparent that he knows how to use all of those elements very well. To see an example of the way Scott uses the various elements, one can look at his collection called “Death Valley.” In this collection, Scott uses contrast to make all the images black and white, and the curves of the sand dunes in the collection are very simple and beautiful.

I believe that most people would be attracted to Scott’s images. Some of his images, however, might be a little too risqué for people; these would include his nude photographs. Personally, I believe the human body is beautiful, but I am not really interested in Scott’s nude photography. What really stands out to me, and will probably stand out to most people, is how Scott captures the natural world. The scenes he finds in nature are breathtaking. People will also appreciate the closeness Scott gets to his human subjects. Scott has numerous close-ups of various human faces, which are very personal and beautiful. He definitely has a true talent for capturing human beings on film.

It was enormously difficult to find Scott’s three best images, as all of his images are beautiful. Another problem I ran into was the fact that I could not copy or save his images. Scott has all of his beautiful images on his website, but they are copyrighted and it is impossible to post them here. So, I ended up using the best images I could find (credits to google image search).


I love how Scott captures human beings, especially how up close and personal he gets to them. Scott is truly skilled at capturing the emotions of human beings. The first thing I love about this photo is its composition. The man is not centered, but is off to the right side (rule of thirds). Not only is this visually pleasing, but it allows the viewer to see part of the street and the people (even though it is blurred). That then brings me to the next great aspect of this photo: its depth. One can really focus on the man because he is the clearest thing in the photograph. The photograph has a very shallow sense of depth, which is why everything except the man is out of focus. I also believe that this photograph is so beautiful and powerful because of its contrast; the fact that it is in black and white is very pleasing to the eye.

I find this image to be extremely breathtaking. I love photographs of the sky and of trees, which is something Scott has a lot of. First of all, I believe this image is so powerful because of its composition. The sky, rather than the land, takes up most of the photograph. It definitely would not have the same effect if the land and sky occupied equal amounts of the photo. I also love the natural lighting in this photo; how there are rays beaming down from the sky, and a special warm ray beaming down on the lone tree. And perhaps there is also a sense of emotion in this photograph because of the lone tree; a feeling of loneliness in such a wide space.

This location is stunning. I love all of the places Scott travels to and the beautiful scenes he finds during his travels. If I could be a professional photographer I would want to capture all the beautiful places of the world, and the people and cultures that inhibit the world, just like Scott does. I love that this photo is cropped and is very wide; this perspective makes it very dynamic. The depth (the buildings in the front, with the water and land masses in the background) is pleasing to the eye as well, and overall it is just a truly beautiful image.

I hope I captured the true essence of Scott’s photography. His photography is inspiring and I cannot wait to emulate it.


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